iNOVA CS-L Cooling System for PLXCam Series



This CS-L cooling system upgrades I-Nova cameras’ PLxCam Series and makes them perfect for long exposures.

With a Peltier module and control electronics, the camera sensor temperature is lowered by 20°C (36°F) when operating under ambient temperature conditions.

Reducing dramatical thermal noise, this cooling system allows long exposure in order to take pictures of deep sky objects.

The visual enhancement mode also takes advantage of this cooling system, with an increased S/N ratio of the camera, improving image quality.

This CS-L cooling system is assembled entirely in-house.

Components of the cooling system are:

  • Peltier module TEC (maximum power: 5.7W)
  • Aluminium case that also serves as heat sink for TEC
  • Electronic card with a microcontroller to manage the Peltier module
  • Fan to improve heat dissipation
  • Requires an external power supply 12V DC – 2A (minimum)


Technical features
Current consumption Below 1A under 12V DC
Cooling -20°C (-36°F) at ambient temperature
Fan noise Below 16 dB
Communication port TTL serial communication port for temperature regulation
Power supply Male jack plug 5.5/2.1mm
Dimensions 95 x 75 x 55mm
Weight 180g (6,3 oz)



  • Power supply 12V DC – 2A (Cable length: 2m) with a female jack plug 5.5/2.1mm.
  • We can upgrade your system (please contact us).
  • Upgrade to CS-E model (2 stage Peltier module with temperature regulation) – Available in September 2014
Tel +888 427 8766 or… Contact via Email


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