iNOVA PLA-C+ 1/4″ Monochrome CCD Camera w/Sony ICX098BQ

From planetary imaging to autoguiding.
Sony ICX098BQ Color CCD Sensor.




iNova PLA-C+




The PLA-C+ 310Kp Monochrome CCD Camera is capable of planetary imaging to autoguiding in very low light. It includes the Sony sensor ICX098BQ (640×480 pixel array).

Due to its excellent sensitivity this camera is ideally suited for planetary imaging with great noise reduction. It provides 2×2 hardware binning (640 x 480) and 5.6μm micron square pixels to detect low light stars for autoguiding.

  • FPGA circuit to significantly reduce electronic noise
  • 3 playback speeds CCD / CMOS matrix
  • “Energy saving” mode for long exposure 
Technical specifications
  • Sony ICX098BQ 1/4″
  • 640x 480
  • 5.6µm x 5.6µm
  • Yes
  • Yes 
  • 12bit
  • 60 8bit; 30 12bit
  • From 1/10000s to several minutes
  • USB2.0
  • For filter wheel control, focusing motors control, and telescope mount control (ASCOM V6)
  • BMP, AVI (8bit), FITS (8/16 bit) et SER (8/16bit) which can be read directly with main softwares like RegiStax V6.1, Avistacker V2, AutoStakkert V2
  • ASCOM V6 Plugin available and tested with PHDGuiding V1.14, AstroArt V4 & V5, MaximDL V5, Prism and all softwares using ASCOM protocol
  • 50 x 50 x 40mm
  • 170g (6 oz)
  • CCD Sensor
  • CCD Matrix (L*H)
  • Pixel size 
  • Hardware binning 2×2
  • Hardware ROI (region of interest)
  • A/D converter
  • Frame rate(8/12bit)
  • Exposure time
  • Interface 
  • Communication port
  • Format
  • Dimensions
  • Weight



Software and compatibility

Windows XP SP3, Vista, W7, 8, 8.1 x86/x64

Compliant with Microsoft Directshow

The SDK is available on request for programming (Microsoft C# or C++).


Linux drivers are available.


Drivers are not available but it is possible to run i-Nova cameras in emulation Windows mode with Bootcamp.


Frame rate (FPS) at full resolution:



Frame Rate

Until 60 FPS
Until 30 FPS


Included accessories

C mount to 1.25’’ adapter

USB2 cable for PC connection

Software pack including:

PLxCapture control and acquisition specific software and conversion format utility (video)

ASCOM plugin

New software releases are available for download from FTP site


Autoguiding cable RJ12 connector for ST4 port

Peltier cooling system kit with or w/o temperature regulation

Recommended accessories

Motorised filter wheel – 5 or 8 positions provided with ASCOM plugin

Electronic viewfinder: C/CS mount objective lens, FL from 2.1mm (150° fov) to 25mm (11° fov)

GPS module with USB2.0 portC mount to T2 female adapter


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