iNova Nebula NBC-M

From lunar/solar & deepsky imaging to autoguiding.
CMOS Sensor (Aptina MT9M001)


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iNova Nebula



Cooled multi-purpose camera: Shoot the universe of planets to galaxies!

DeepSky recordings: The Nebula-series cameras enable long exposures of faint objects.

The cameras in this series open up a world of nebulae and galaxies at an affordable price with quality well in excess of similarly-priced competitors.

  • Active cooling to 30 ° C below ambient temperature
  • Long-term exposure of a few seconds to several minutes,
  • Suitable for short focal length telescopes
  • Lightweight and compact design loaded your instrument only slightly
  • Mono CMOS

Image acquisition and autoguiding in one: The Visual Enhancement Feature

The overall image of a faint object is generated by images produced with relatively short exposure and superimposed (this is also called “stacking”). A real feature of the iNova cameras is that you can follow this process live on your PC or laptop.

The celestial object is clearly visible on the monitor. This feature is not only fun, it is also ideal for public demonstrations. Moreover, this technique allows simultaneous autoguiding.


Due to their ease of use and comprehensive documentation, Nebula-series cameras are suitable for beginners. We offer you great functionality and performance from our cameras. If you have a Nebula by iNova then no other camera is required.


Technical specifications
  • CMOS Aptina MT9M001 monochrome
  • Megapixels: 1.3
  • Sensor size: 1/2″ / 12.7mm
  • Resolution: 1280 x 1024 pixels
  • Pixel size: 5.2μm x 5.2μm
  • Binning 2X2 hardware
  • KING equipment (windowing)
  • A / D converter: 10  bits.
  • Acquisition speed 10-bit: up to 30 frames / s at full resolution
  • Adjustable exposure time from 0.1ms to infinity.
  • USB2.0 interface
  • Communication port for controlling the filter wheel, the Focus electric point of the frame (under ASCOM V6)
  • ON / OFF cooling controllable from the software PLxCapture
  • Software drivers compatible Windows XP / Vista and Windows 7 32/64 bit, camera running Microsoft DirectShow , PLxCapture specific software and third with ASCOM plugin.
  • File formats: AVI (8/16 bits), FITS (8/16 bit) and SER (8/16 bit) directly utilisabe Registax V6.1
  • INova ASCOM protocol plugin for V6, tested with software V1.14 PHDGuiding, EQAlign, V4 & V5 AstroArt, MaximDL V5 and Prism . .
  • Dimensions: 90x70x40mm
  • Weight: 260g
Software and compatibility

Windows XP SP3, Vista, W7, 8, 8.1 x86/x64

Compliant with Microsoft Directshow

The SDK is available on request for programming (Microsoft C# or C++).



Linux drivers are available.



Drivers are not available but it is possible to run i-Nova cameras in emulation Windows mode with Bootcamp.


Included accessories

  • Adapter from C-mount to 1.25 “
  • USB cable
  • Power supply for the cooling
  • Built-in IR filter.

Software pack including:

  • PLxCapture control and acquisition specific software and conversion format utility (video)
  • ASCOM plugin

New software releases are available for download from FTP site



Autoguiding cable RJ12 connector for ST4 port

Peltier cooling system kit with or w/o temperature regulation

Recommended accessories

i-Nova ST4 2m autoguider cable for camerasi-Nova Canon EOS DSLR lens to C-Mount adapter


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